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Marry, Kill, or Do: Resume Dater Edition

There was once lived a girl who’d never expressed how a man made her feel emotionally. Through all the endless conversations she’d have with her girlfriends about the men she dated, words like “butterflies,” “real connection,” “funny,” or “chemistry” never escaped her lips. Instead, she’d gush about what school he attended, what his career plans… Read More Marry, Kill, or Do: Resume Dater Edition

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An Open Letter to Men (RE: Take Care)

There are two things that irk me. Pretenders and haters. People who spend their lives pretending to be whatever and hatin’ on whomever can pretty much get doused with a bucket of slime. Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, the release of Take Care brought out the hatin’ ass pretender in men around the country. To mask their deep appreciation (what… Read More An Open Letter to Men (RE: Take Care)

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Why Conscious People Should Listen to Commercial Rap

“Judging by ‘H.A.M.’ and ‘Otis,’ I honestly can’t think of two rappers more out of touch with their audience. Unemployment is sky high, particularly amongst black youth.”- The Black Youth Project.  I’m not the most conscious person I know—and I mean the type of consciousness that compels folks to change their name from Bobby to… Read More Why Conscious People Should Listen to Commercial Rap

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5 Lies Tyler Perry’s Told Lately

I learned something tonight while watching the Mo’Nique show. I learned that Black people hate when other Black people don’t support their work. They call it, “tearing each other down.” On tonight’s show, Tyler Perry responded to Spike Lee’s claims that his filmmaking isn’t exactly groundbreaking material and is one chicken wing shy of the… Read More 5 Lies Tyler Perry’s Told Lately

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S.T.F.U. 4 L.U.V.

Relationships are hard. We know that. However, relationships are unnecessarily hard when other people don’t like your relationship. I know this because there is no one I’ve hated more than the slime some of my friends have dated. Yes, slime, because that’s exactly what they are to me. The cheating, lying dude who broke my… Read More S.T.F.U. 4 L.U.V.

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Tuesday Laughs

Honestly, the Bed Intruder guy better thank his lucky stars for his ignorance. He’s an international celebrity. Check out this Real-life Glee rendition of the Bed Intruder song…and shout out to the only Black guy in the choir. I see you gettin’ your two-step on! [youtube=]